Sustainable Urban Development

Neither cities nor places in them are unordered, unplanned; the question is only whose order, whose planning, for what purpose?

Economic Development

Sustainable cities require green productive growth, the creation of decent employment, renewable energy production and distribution, and technology and innovation in research and development. We identify opportunities and advise on strategies to promote economic development in urban settings.

Social Development

Key aspects include education and health, food and nutrition, green housing and buildings, water and sanitation, green public transportation, green energy access, and recreational areas. We provide guidance on enhancing these elements to improve social development in cities.

Urban Governance

Effective urban governance involves planning and decentralization, reducing inequities, strengthening civil and political rights, and supporting local to global links. We offer consulting to improve governance frameworks and ensure equitable urban development.

Environmental Management

Focus areas are forest and soil management, waste and recycling management, energy efficiency, water management, air quality conservation, and climate change adaptation and mitigation. We advise on best practices for environmental management to ensure sustainable urban growth.

Integrated Approach

We promote an integrated approach, combining economic, social, governance, and environmental strategies to achieve sustainable urban development. Our research and consulting services provide comprehensive solutions to make cities resilient and sustainable.

Our Values & Research Commitment

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Data source: UN Human Settlements Programme.

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