Water Research

Exploring financial strategies and investment opportunities in sustainable water projects to ensure long-term resource availability and quality.

Water Financing

Developing financial strategies to fund sustainable water projects, including green bonds and public-private partnerships.

Water Governance

Improving management frameworks to ensure transparent, accountable, and equitable water resource distribution. What governance models are most effective in managing water resources sustainably?.

Water Policy

Creating regulations that promote sustainable use, protect quality, and ensure fair access to water resources. How do current water policies impact economic growth and resource sustainability?


Implementing cost-effective measures and technologies to reduce water wastage and promote efficient use. What financial incentives can drive more effective water conservation practices?


Investing in new technologies and financial models to enhance water resource management and sustainability. How can technological innovations transform water management and financing?

Our Values & Research Commitment

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Data source: World Bank (2024). Displayed on Our World in Data.

Our Publications

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